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Impostor Syndrome

by Resli Costabell

Impostor syndrome is what’s going on when despite being competent, you feel a bit of a fraud. Impostor Syndrome is very common – including among highly capable senior hot-shots.

What does Impostor Syndrome feel like? Others see you as capable, but you believe you’re in over your head. You fear you don’t have what it takes to get the project done properly. You are a little embarrassed as you angle your camera so people won’t see all the dirty tea cups.

In short, you feel like an impostor. And you probably feel as if any day now, people are going to realise that you have no business being in your position.

In this session, you’ll get the reassurance of finding out that you’re not alone in having Impostor Syndrome. You’ll learn a bit about what’s behind Impostor Syndrome, and how it can strike even the best and brightest. We’ll have techniques for you to try, and ideas for your consideration. In short, we’ll focus on how you can move from feeling like an impostor to feeling like The Real Deal.

There’s no need to prepare for this session. Just show up with something presentable on your top half, and your Business Pyjamas on your bottom half.

Your session leader is Resli Costabell. When Resli was first asked to deliver a session on impostor syndrome, her immediate thought was that she was not qualified to do so. Savour the irony.

Resli Costabell is presenting ‘Imposter Syndrome’ as a Lunch & Learn session at the GSE UK Virtual Conference 2021.

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