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Welcome to the GSE UK Linux on z Working Group

This group focuses on promoting the use of Linux on z.

An increasing number of organizations are taking advantage of running Linux on z in their operations: running MQ workloads and databases such as Db2 and Oracle, and PostgreSQL/MongoDB. These systems are running in a highly secure mainframe environment which is also highly scalable.

The chair of this working group has more than 35 years’ experience in the IT industry, with a focus on z/VM and Linux on z. We can provide guidance in building a robust z/VM environment to support Linux infrastructure. Group objectives include:

  • Promoting the use of Linux on z
  • Sharing references and use cases for Linux on z
  • Educating stakeholders in the benefits of Linux on z

We hold one meeting each year, at the GSE UK annual conference in November, with an average of 10 participants attending.

Example meeting agenda:

  • Using Your Performance Monitor to Watch z/VM and Linux on IBM Z
  • RedHat on z more than RHEL
  • z/VM Shared Segments (advanced)
  • IBM Cloud Private and deployments to Secure Service Containers (Customer Experience)
  • Why a Multi modal OS is vital in a cloudy world
  • z/VM Admin Tool Ideas
  • RHEL 8 Update
  • z/VM Updates and support for z15
  • Simple z/VM Cloud Management and Customer Use Cases with zPRO
  • Managing and Orchestrating Docker Containers with OpenShift

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    How to get involved: please contact David Austin

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