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Welcome to the GSE UK Large Systems Working Group

This active group covers the latest developments in the z/OS enterprise and related products, IBM and third party alike.

The group is typically aimed at system programmers and all experience levels are welcome. We cover all IBM mainframe operating systems and major subsystems such as JES2, and look at both IBM and non-IBM program products.

This group is ideal for people who are keen to find out the latest news and product announcements from IBM and other complementary vendors. The group is also useful to build a network of likeminded individuals to exchange hints and tips, and discuss any issues that arise. We provide:

  • A forum for an exchange of ideas and experience around large systems
  • A wide range of technical presentations from vendors and users
  • A network of systems programmers for members to call on
  • A way for members to get support for changes to IBM and vendor products

Each year, we hold three virtual WebEx meetings that are 2-3 hours in duration and one face-to-face meeting at the annual GSE UK conference in November. This is usually an all-day event with optional social. Meetings have, on average, 25 participants.

Example meeting agenda:

  • Introduction from chair
  • Meeting agenda and latest news relating to the working group
  • News and product announcements from IBM and other vendors
  • Vendor and user presentations
  • Exchange of information on problems
  • Hints and tips
  • Feedback discussion

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How to get involved: please contact the Large Systems working group co-chairs

Rui Feio
Rui Feio
Joseph Kingham
Joe Kingham
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