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Welcome to the GSE UK 101 Working Group

The 101 working group is for people who are new to the mainframe space.
It provides introductory sessions and workshops covering all areas of the mainframe.

This group is valuable for those new to the industry, helping individuals to build knowledge before progressing to more specialized areas, and provides opportunities for people with limited technical experience to broaden their knowledge. Importantly, it’s a way for members to meet their peers, share experiences and network. Encouraging new talent, our objectives include:

  • Reflecting a broad spectrum of mainframe issues and technologies
  • Ensuring content is easy to digest for to people new to the industry
  • Providing networking opportunities
  • Promoting a workshop style hands-on approach
  • Fostering fresh ideas and new perspectives

We hold two meetings each year, with an average of 30 participants attending.
Example meeting agenda: 

10:00 Welcome and introduction
10:15 ‘Where mainframes fit as IT departments respond to digital transformation’
11:50 ‘So what’s special about Linux on z?’
12:00 Audience-led Q&A
13:30 ‘Me, the mainframe and other awesome stories’
14:15 ‘Three real-life pen tests: what we found’
15:10 Hands-on mainframe session
16:00 Close – following by networking

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How to get involved: please contact the 101 working group co-chairs

Niall Ashley
Atul Bhovan
Atul Bhovan
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