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Welcome to the GSE UK 102 Working Group

The 102 Working Group is for those of us who are looking to bridge that gap between beginner and advanced learning and would consider themselves at a more intermediate level of mainframe experience, with a stronger working knowledge base to build upon and with a well-established appetite to dig deeper into all things Z. This is the next step on your journey to becoming an IBM Z guru in the years to come.

This group is designed for those who are perhaps in that transitional period within their IBM Z development, who are no longer new to the mainframe industry and are now building upon an already strong foundation of knowledge through some pre-existing experience and education. With the goal of helping individuals to cultivate their existing knowledge by learning about more specialized areas and to provide an opportunity for those with more practical familiarity to dive into the intricacies of all things Z related, perhaps helping to guide them in finding their niche or area of interest to pursue further through greater exposure to the ever expansive range of specialisms available.

This is the perfect place to focus in on more dedicated areas and to deepen those existing skills. This working group also provides further opportunities for members to meet fellow Z Heads who are at a similar experience level, to share knowledge and experiences and to network; an integral part of any career in IBM Z technology.

Our aim is to promote an agile approach to IBM Z technology education and to inspire collaboration amongst learning professionals within an open and friendly environment where there is no such thing as a dumb question.

Our Objectives include:

  • To follow on from the 101 working group with a more in-depth approach to learning IBM Z technologies.
  • Ensuring content remains easy to digest but is stimulating and thought-provoking to cater for the slightly more experienced.
  • Providing opportunities to network with those at similar experience/ skill level and to share best practices.
  • Promoting inquisitorial conversation as well as a practical approach.
  • Encouraging collaboration, free thinking and curiosity on topics.

How to get involved: please contact the GSE UK 102 Working Group

Lewis James
Chris Knowles
Chris Knowles
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