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Resli Costabell

Impostor Syndrome

Impostor syndrome is what’s going on when despite being competent, you feel a bit of a fraud. Impostor Syndrome is very common – including among highly capable senior hot-shots.
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Does the future DBA need to be a data scientist?

While the path to digital transformation is often considered the most significant modernization initiative in the history of the mainframe, the growing yet opposing challenge being posed by a burgeoning skills gap is threatening to slow down or delay many projects.
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Colleagues in Corvettes* Getting Cappuccinos

I had a ‘latte’ of fun working with the Broadcom team to put together this year’s GSE UK keynote session, “Colleagues in Corvettes Getting Cappuccinos.” We invite you to “ride along” with us as we discuss mainframe topics ranging from security, DevOps, and AIOps, to becoming a new mainframer.
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SecOps, SOAR, and the Mainframe

In the mainframe context, Security Operations is the uniting of two distinct teams: mainframe and security. In today’s cybersecurity landscape where every endpoint, including the mainframe, is a potential target, mainframe and security operations need to work together to be successful.
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Embracing Cloud Native for Mission Critical Workloads

As enterprises look for ways to accelerate the delivery of new feature/function to stay ahead in a disrupt-or-be-disrupted world, cloud-native has become the standard for how clients develop, deploy, and manage innovative cloud services at the speed of business.
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