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2020 vision with GSE UK: latest videos posted

The GSE UK team would like to wish all our members, volunteers and supporters a happy and prosperous 2020.

To kick off the New Year in GSE style, we’ve uploaded a few video highlights of sessions recorded at our most recent UK conference, ‘Dock into the Dark Side’.

“The conference gives us two things: skills, and ideas on how to bridge those gaps…”

Visit our YouTube channel at:

Sessions shared include:

  • Security in a Modern Mainframe Database – Jim Powell (Rocket Software, ex-IBM)
  • z/OS Capacity Planning in 2020 – Danilo Gipponi (EPV Technologies)
  • Containers Come to z/OS – Dave Jefferies (IBM)
  • BCPii for Dummies – Stephen Warren (IBM)
  • Getting Yourself Sorted with DFSORT – Rahul Bajaj (Broadcom)
  • Flash Storage Technology: Get on the flash wagon or keep spinning? – John Baker (Intellimagic)

The 2019 event was our most successful UK conference ever, founded on the support of all our attendees, speakers, sponsors, exhibitors and GSE UK volunteers. 534 delegates attended over three days. We provided 220 hours of delegate sessions including seven keynote sessions. As one attendee put it, “It’s all about rubbing shoulders with people who have the answers. Conversations start at a higher, more informed level. That has to deliver a real benefit.”

Watch out for details of the GSE UK Conference 2020.

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