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A word from our 2021 Conference sponsors …

The GSE UK annual conference depends on the support of partners and sponsors. Why do these organisations support us, and what do they think of the event? We hear from three: BMC Software, Zetaly and Luminex (Partner One).
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From Dragon’s Den to Master Inventor

Blog: As a child, Sophie Green was inspired by TV show Dragon’s Den to create a Book of Inventions – “I’d forgotten about the book until I received the title of Master Inventor at IBM,” she writes. “This is given to inventors who are prolific, strive to innovate, and who mentor and encourage others to do the same.”
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The sustainable beast in the countdown to net zero

Blog: Co-chair of GSE UK’s Large Systems Working Group, Joe Kingham has spent recent months looking into the field of tech sustainability through an IBM Z lens. In February, IBM quietly announced its commitment to being carbon neutral by 2030.
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The best job in the world?

GSE UK Blog: a Fellow of the Irish Computer Society, Aileen Wynne is part of the GSE UK leadership team. “If you want to be challenged and to keep learning as long as you’re working, then mainframes are the best career in the world.”
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GSE UK - Webinar

Save the date: GSE UK annual conference 2021

With the last year bringing home the need for flexibility, we are working towards an online event. We are still shaping the final format of the conference, but know it will take place in the first two weeks of November 2021, from 2-4 and 9-11 November.
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GSE UK is here for you

I want to take this opportunity as new GSE UK Region Manager to send best wishes from the entire GSE UK team, and our hopes for a year that’s hopefully so much better than 2020. More problems lie ahead, but…

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Parachutes, haystacks and corruption: mainframe data protection

Blog: Andy Coulson explains that when it comes to mainframe data protection, it’s always wise to consider the various scenarios of failure and to plan for safety. “It makes sense to continue considering the possibilities: over time, the risk assessment can change, with previously unusual causes of failure becoming more likely … entirely new risks to consider. When you’re considering the health and wellbeing of your mainframe infrastructure, resilience, recovery and cybersecurity are more important than ever.”
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Rob Stroud

What has GSE UK ever done for us?

Blog: the virtually unstoppable Rob Stroud, a 25-year veteran of GSE UK and its conference, explains why it makes sense to be part of ‘the essential IT knowledge network’. “For me, GSE is about developing careers - and helping you look after your customers.”
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