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GSE UK Conference 2019 a Major Success

The GSE UK Conference 2019 – ‘Dock into the Dark Side’ – was the most successful UK conference yet, enabling us to meet our promise to guideshare and engage. This success was entirely founded on the support of all our attendees, speakers, sponsors, exhibitors and the GSE UK team of volunteers.

Especially encouraging was the presence, in force, of the next generation of mainframers – which bodes well for our future.

  • 534 delegates over three days: 490 on Tuesday, 512 on Wednesday, 467 on Thursday
  • 220 hours of delegate sessions
  • Seven keynote sessions
  • CICS birthday party, BBQ and fireworks attended by 363 people
  • Conference dinner attended by 400 people

A few comments from this year’s attendees:

“There are three reasons why it makes sense to attend. First, networking: meeting people, discussing problems and sharing knowledge. Second, cross-fertilisation of ideas: technical experts meeting and sharing tools, ideas and solutions. And perhaps the greatest benefit is the training attendees can receive.”

“It’s all about rubbing shoulders with people who have the answers. Conversations start at a higher, more informed level. That has to deliver a real benefit. The networking opportunities are incredible – something you wouldn’t get anywhere else.”

“It’s a community coming together to help and support each other, in an environment that’s not driven by sales. It’s all about education, and learning more about what’s driving this industry. You are hearing from leading experts in their field.”

“The conference gives us two things: skills, and ideas on how to bridge those gaps. I’ve spoken to so many people, and made so many contacts.”

“There is such a sense of community. I attend a lot of conferences, and this is the only one where I want to stay the whole time. It’s about the people, the sharing of knowledge, helping each other.”

Watch out for details of GSE 2020.

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