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An expanded view of Guide Share Europe’s mission

by Mark Wilson, GSE UK Region Manager

GUIDE Share Europe (GSE) was formed in 1994 when GUIDE (Guidance of Users of Integrated Data-Processing Equipment) and the European branch of SHARE voted to merge into one organization dedicated to mainframe advocacy. This shared history reflects today in SHARE and GSE’s common goals.

In this article, I aim to give a brief overview of GSE as way of encouraging SHARE members to follow the organization’s journey in the future. Perhaps learning what GSE is working on in its corner of the globe will spark inspiration for SHARE members — and vice versa. The more we understand and communicate with each other, the stronger the global mainframe advocacy community will be — and the more friends we will have when we take trips across the pond! So, give this article a read and then be sure to follow GSE, and join the conversation, on Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter.

A look at GSE’s mission

GSE believes a better, more sustainable world will be achieved when every individual and every business reaches their full potential. We see IT as a great enabler of new opportunities and aim to empower individuals and businesses to explore new boundaries and find the support they need to make their vision become reality.

The world is changing every day. GSE doesn’t want to be observers of that change — we want to be part of it, enable it, and shape it. As an independent, nonprofit organization of companies and individuals, our success depends on the success of our members. As mainframe experts, GSE plays a pivotal role to:

  • GUIDE: The future of IT by influencing product innovations and setting EU standards
  • SHARE: Experience and knowledge related to IT to grow our combined expertise
  • EXPAND: Existing networks by offering a platform where fellow industry experts can discuss and resolve challenges and business opportunities

GSE facilitates both dialogue and cooperation between its members, IBM, and its partners through a series of events, working groups, and training sessions, both at a national and regional level.

GSE is organized around 10 regions with an HQ team based in Switzerland. The 10 regions act independently when organizing their own events and come together for several European-wide gatherings. The structure allows the regional teams to act locally, while thinking and collaborating at the European level.

The image below shows an outline of the organization’s structure as well as the regions it encompasses:

GSE organisation structure
The GSE approach: ‘Give and take”

GSE is founded on collaboration and information sharing for mutual benefit. GSE is passionate when it comes to the “Give and Take” approach, which fundamentally drives everything that GSE does and stands for.

The ethos of GIVE is sharing information as well as experience, while the ethos of TAKE is using that information and shared experience to the betterment of our members and their businesses.



GSE is here for its members, run by its members, for the benefit of its members.

In conclusion

There is and has always been close collaboration between GSE and SHARE. All SHARE members are encouraged to participate in the in-person and virtual events. I’m always pleasantly surprised by how many Europeans attend SHARE’s in-person conferences, and I know from my own personal experience how welcoming the SHARE team has been to me.

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